sorry i haven’t been online lately, i went and did a 30 day stay in a hospital so they could help me with my self harm. i am feeling stronger day by day :)

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if you still talk about it - you still care about it Anonymous (via bl-ossomed)

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Anonymous: Do you self harm? Or have you? Your post made it look like you did x

No. I lost my best friend to suicide almost 18 months ago, hence why I stopped using tumblr. He got sent anonymous hate and developed really bad self esteem issues, he thought he was ugly and never saw happiness in anything and i didn’t notice. I assumed he was okay. He wasn’t. He committed suicide in 2012 and the coroner found scars all over his body, some a year old. I was blinded with his fake smile, if I had known i could have saved his life. I just have a very strong opinion on this subject. Sorry. :c

I love books because they gave me shelter when no one else did (cravings)

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Anonymous: girl friend or boy friend? are you bisexual?

I don’t really like labels. But i’m pansexual if i did have to put a label to it c: 

You know it’s really sad, there are so many people fighting with depression, eating disorders and self harm and they have no-one. No-one asks them if they’re okay, no-one asks them how they’re feeling today, no-one even confronts them about it, they just pretend it doesn’t exist. All a girl wants is someone to notice her, she doesn’t do it for attention but she wants someone to look so deep within her and notice her, notice the fake smile, the fake laughter and see her true sadness. That boy just wants a girl to make him complete, to make him feel worthy, to make him feel like he is good enough.

I’m sick of people just pretending these problems don’t exist. They do.

If I ever have a girl friend or boyfriend with self esteem issues or mental illnesses, I will cherish them with my whole life and make them feel worthy because they deserve that and just because it isn’t physical doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Everyone deserves a person who cares. Everyone deserves love. 

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on a scale of 1 to selena gomez how happy are you that you’re no longer with your ex

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